Twelfth Night Song


See them! Thee they go.

Three noble kings

Go riding through the snow.

Three kings on three horses

Go trotting on their way

To see him, Jesu, born a king today


Drums sound as they come

Joyfully riding

To see Mary’s Son,

The new born king

To Bethlehem they come

To see him, Jesu, Mary’s new born son.


Furs they brought the Child,

Furs, warm and soft,

From forest wild.

And gay songs to sing,

To him they did bring,

To him, to Jesu

Tiny little sweet boy child.


O star, shining bright,

That cold winter night,

When three kings came

Bearing gifts for the child

Born that night of Mary

Sweet and mild

Mary, mother of the child.




Adoration of the Shepherds


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