Ave Maria


Ave Maria Gratia plena
Maria Gratia plena
Maria Gratia plena
Ave, ave dominus
Dominus tecum

Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus
Et benedictus fructus ventris
Ventris tui Jesus

Ave Maria
Ave Maria mater Cristi
Ora pro nobis pecatoribus
Ora, ora pro nobis
Ora ora pro nobis pecatoribus

Nunc et in hora mortis
In hora mortis, mortis nostrae
In hora mortis nostrae
Ave Maria!

Ave Maria Prayer : The Latin text of the Ave Maria prayer
set to the music by Franz Schubert

The words are taken from Gabriel's annunciation and Elizabeth's salutation to Mary (Lk. 1:28, 42,43).




Adoration of the Shepherds


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